Teklif Al

About Us

Our company was founded in 1974 by Nuri MACIT in Istanbul Karakoy under the name of Oznur Lighting. From the first day of its establishment, it has adopted to act with the principle of quality service and quality products as the basic principle. Our company which has been continuing its activities under the name of Çizgi Teknik Aydınlatma since 2000, takes part in the projects under the name of Mikro Aydınlatma in 2014. As a fast follower of technological developments, Çizgi Teknik Aydınlatma supports the development of environmentally sensitive technologies in addition to its innovative approach.

Micro has been established with the aim of providing project services in order to reach the larger masses by enriching its experience and experience with its wide product range and the products of many national and international lighting companies it has undertaken, and has taken its place in the lighting sector with production, export and import figures.

In this market, where the life curves of the products change rapidly, in order to be safe and to be ahead of the competition at any time, Mikro Aydınlatma maintains the products of more than one brand leading and often competing in each product category.

Micro aims to apply the high quality understanding in its product range to the company's staff and personnel and to all areas of activity of the company.

Micro Lighting products are introduced to the consumer;

Ensuring efficient and efficient transportation

Creating services that add additional benefits

Our mission is to provide professional service quality and to make all necessary sacrifices in this understanding.

We aim to carry the light to the future with the vision of being the business partner of our customers worldwide with confidence, enthusiasm and love.